Best of Camp Hill
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Best of Camp Hill

Didn’t peg us as the type to go camping, Brisbane?

We’ve sought to prove you wrong with a trek east to Camp Hill, where simple suburban joys are taken up a notch. From classic baked goods to delicious twists and top-notch playgrounds, this inner-city ‘burb is filled with suburban gems for everyone…


It’s pretty damn hard to find a good coffee sometimes, and it’s not something to be joked about before you’ve had your morning dose. So, you can rest assured that we’ve got the serious stuff lined up for you in Camp Hill. Blackbird Espresso always hits the mark in the coffee department and their delicious three house blends get us feeling chirpy indeed. Okay, we’re ready for a joke now.


Walk into Jocelyn’s Camp Hill store and be transported to your nana’s kitchen table as the warm scents of stewed fruit pies, fluffy golden cakes and chewy cookies waft through the air. Whether you’re after a sweet pick-me-up, a celebratory cake or a crispy pie to bring along to a family get-together, this bakery is a go-to for quality classics. 


For those whose idea of nature is simulated bike rides and monstera wallpaper – you’re a lost cause. But hey, this would be the perfect picnic spot for you! Picnic Cafe’s quirky quinoa nasi goreng with chilli sauce and egg will have you taking a walk on the wild side without the discomfort of ever leaving their cosy seats.


Now you do, now you Nodo. This popular sweet treats café is always worth a visit for a gluten-free pick-me-up like their irresistible Violet Crumble Dutch waffles, topped with pumpkin custard, neighbourhood honeycomb, persimmon, cacao mousse, crème frâiche and citrus! 


Nestled in an old corner store is a slick and fresh cafe where you’ll find a menu to match. With their own preserves and pickled goods, their offerings focus on sustainability and nourishment. We’ll have some of that, please! Nourish your soul with an often overlooked item: granola. Try their buckwheat and date granola, sweet pickled fig, coconut labne, brown sugar and apple cider swirl and your insides will sing.


Sink into Cinco Bistro for a taste of modern Italian cuisine and great contemporary wines. The focus is on local produce, with the wine list comprised largely of regional South Australian or WA bottles that find company in the restaurant’s delectable eats. Try the likes of their twice-baked cheese soufflé, with quince, walnuts, cream & herbs or their king prawn linguine with garlic chilli. 


Up there among the ranks of Brissie’s best Thai, Mons will quickly become your go-to. With everything from tempura eggplant baos and green papaya salads to their infamous green curry, the hardest thing will be choosing what to get. 


Along with some great bushwalks, Whites Hill Reserve is home to one of Brissie’s best playgrounds. So if your kids are on lookout for the next best playground, or you’re after a bit of a play break yourself, their ocean-inspired playground will sprinkle some well-deserved fun onto your day. Having recently undergone a major upgrade, this playground is made accessible to all and it will certainly be enjoyed by all too… 


If Peter Piper picked and pecked at In A Pickle, no one would care about the pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked. Skip the tongue twisters and wrap your tastebuds around this beauty’s chicken empanadas instead. Your tastebuds might also appreciate their beef sliders – tender beef on a chutney-and-aioli-schmeared-brioche with Swiss and parmesan to top it off. You won’t even be able to attempt a tongue-twister with your gob around these.


Who needs an Aston Martin when Ashton & Old already cart all the goods? A trip to their coffee carts also guarantees a good morning for those on the go, while others with time to spare can indulge in their unique combos that always make for a great brekkie. Their fresh take on Japanese okonomiyaki, made with marinated pork belly, spinach, fried eggs, secret okonomiyaki sauce and fried shallots will leave you satisfied, to say the least.


Hold the phone and hit the pho at this Camp Hill Vietnamese restaurant. A hidden gem for locals, Pho Inn specialises in simple meals serving extraordinary flavours, with their Hue-style spicy vermicelli soup taking top spot.

Look who’s pitching camp (hill) now?

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